Introduction to survival analysis

In this one-hour presentation I aim at offering a gentle introduction to survival analysis. I present introductory material which is …


Examining changes

In this talk I will mainly focus on what to do when analyzing difference scores (e.g., pretest/ posttest). Important questions that I …


Introduction to parametric IRT

In these lectures I provide the core ideas of parametric item responde theory models for both (1) dichotomous data and (2) polytomous …

Test equating

In this lecture I talk about the nuts and bolts of test equating.


Multivariate general linear models

In this lecture I lay out some ideas from multivariate general linear models, based on a book by Richard F. Haase.


Introduction to repeated measures ANOVA

In this lecture I introduce repeated measures ANOVA.

Introduction to polytomous item response theory

In this lecture I introduce polytomous item response theory models, based on a book by Remo Ostini and Michael L. Nering.

Modern methods for robust regression

In this lecture I introduce modern methods for robust regression, based on the book by Robert Andersen.