Jorge N. Tendeiro


Hiroshima University


Jorge N. Tendeiro is a professor at the Office of Research and Academia-Government-Community Collaboration, Education and Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Innovation, Hiroshima University, Japan. His research interests include item response theory in general and person fit analysis in particular. He is also interested in the Bayesian statistical framework.


  • Item Response Theory
  • Person Fit Analysis
  • Bayesian Statistics


  • PhD in Statistics, 2010

    University of Groningen

  • MSc in Applied Statistics, 2005

    University of Porto

  • BSc in Mathematics, 2001

    University of Porto

Recent Publications

Comparing the use of sum-scores and Item Response Theory’s person location scores as measures of Functional Somatic Symptoms

This study aims to compare the use of sum-scores and person location scores from Item Response Theory (IRT) as outcome measures of …

Toward More Transparency in Statistical Practice

We explore the promise of statistical reform by starting from the assumption that most researchers would endorse Merton’s ethos …

Reducing the scientist practitioner gap in decision-making for selection: An investigation of different approaches to the autonomy-validity dilemma

A robust finding in psychological research is that combining information with a mechanical rule results in more valid predictions than …

Talks & Workshops

An introduction to Bayesian statistics

This is a 2-hour workshop for the Graduate School of Medical Sciences at the UMCG, Groningen. It takes place online (and perhaps also …

Robustness of Bayesian null hypothesis testing under optional stopping

A lot has already been said against the use of optional stopping (i.e., sequential testing) in the frequentist framework. On the other …

Introduction to survival analysis

In this one-hour presentation I aim at offering a gentle introduction to survival analysis. I present introductory material which is …


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