GGUM: An R package for fitting the generalized graded unfolding model


In this article, the newly created GGUM R package is presented. This package finally brings the generalized graded unfolding model (GGUM) to the front stage for practitioners and researchers. It expands the possibilities of fitting this type of item response theory (IRT) model to settings that, up to now, were not possible (thus, beyond the limitations imposed by the widespread GGUM2004 software). The outcome is therefore a unique software, not limited by the dimensions of the data matrix or the operating system used. It includes various routines that allow fitting the model, checking model fit, plotting the results, and also interacting with GGUM2004 for those interested. The software should be of interest to all those who are interested in IRT in general or to ideal point models in particular.

Applied Psychological Measurement, 43